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​New Press items for the 'Blindfold' EP  (along with some blurbs about the 'Generic Genius' CD).
...So bitchin'!
"I'm a fan of the entire album...you find yourself bobbing your head to the music."
'Hang Down' is "an AMAZING song...SO BITCHIN!"                                                          -Nightmare Walker        
                                                      BLACK SKY RADIO
"This music is very eclectic...I think its awesome.

​Burns is a writing/producing machine...
The Implants music is like mixing a bottle of Coca-Cola with Pop Rock Candy, an explosive rush of energy waiting to happen. 'Funky Monkey' is one of my favorites....I love the synths and the cool way this song was produced."
                         - I AM ENTERTAINMENT  MAGAZINE
"My hands are filthy."

    The Implants had an album (Generic Genius) review from IAE Magazine recently as well as being featured in Skope Magazine, Origivation Magazine, and PensEyeView.com. An on air interview with  internet's Black Sky Radio was also a highlight. The entire "Generic Genius" CD has been in rotation at Black Sky as well as the 'Blindfold' EP.

   The Implants song "Funky Monkey" is featured in an indie film called "I Wish". It will also appear on the CD soundtrack to be sold at major retailers.

   The 'Generic Genius' LP is available for the cost of nothing. The Implants have finished an unreleased follow-up remix album called 'Generic Remix' and can be heard and downloaded for free at facebook.com/the implants. 

   'Blindfold' and 'Welcome to the No Friends Club' are both 5 song EP's that can be heard and downloaded for free at facebook.com/the implants. Click the Facebook link in upper right corner to follow The Implants.

  'In The Room' is the latest 5 song EP and is available for FREE . Seriously, get you're ass over to Facebook and get yourself some free tunes.

Check out these interviews w/ Mike Burns of The Implants.
Skope Magazine interview
PensEyeView.com interview
"Burns is a writing/producing machine and it will be interesting to see where he takes his supporters on this musical journey. His blending of technology with old school, pure musical talent is breathtaking." 
                                        -Ghost Writer
                                   ORIGIVATION MAGAZINE
"'Feel It Again' is a pretty spot on representation of a song that is all things electronic, groovy, and rock at the same time. It is somewhat reminiscent of The Dandy Warhols or The Eels."

                                Kevin Kozel ~ MuzikReviews.com 
"'Think In Stereo' is my favorite...and reminds me of Handsome Furs, while 'Blindfold' has a fairly creepy vibe."

                                Kevin Kozel ~ MuzikReviews.com